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My new boyfriend wants me to give up the job i love but being an escort is what i live for
Posted By Admin, January 13th, 2016

Many men would be jealous if their girlfriend was a visiting escort but my last boyfriend just loved the idea. He used to say that he liked the fact that other men found me desirable and lusted after me. Whenever I got home after seeing a client he was always in a horny mood and we would make passionate love on the sofa, in the hallway, on the stairs, in the shower… well, you name it and we did it there!
But after a few months the honeymoon period began to wear off and I decided it was time to move on. We weren’t living together so that made things easier. I think it must be tough breaking up with someone when you have all your belongings in the place though the guys I have met in that situation don’t seem all that bothered. I see a lot of clients who are recently separated you see and what always amazes me is just how happy most of them are. It’s like they have been given a second chance to enjoy life to the full and they want to grasp the opportunity with both hands. But anyway, back to my story.
I’m one of those girls who much prefers to be with a man than live the single life. I have a high sex drive – one guy described me as insatiable when we dated for a month and in fact he couldn’t keep up with me – and don’t like to sleep alone all that often. Actually the irony with the guy he called me insatiable was that a few weeks after we split up he began bombarding me with texts and emails begging me to get back together with him. You don’t know what you’ve got and all that! So, when I had been on my own for a week or so because I was busy redecorating my new flat I was beginning to get just a little sexually frustrated and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some hunk. I knew it wouldn’t be difficult. All I had to do was walk down the street in heels and I would have half a dozen guys after me. I also get guys that I meet via the escort agency asking me out and whilst I occasionally do date a client I don’t make a habit of it because it’s not really professional is it?
Wearing my sexiest little black dress with plenty of side boob on show, my blonde hair long and cascading around my shoulders and my naughtiest peek a boo underwear I went on the prowl, meeting up with some girlfriends at the local pub before hitting the clubs. As soon as I sashayed on to the dance floor I could feel men’s eyes all over my body. I played up to the attention, dancing in a very suggestive way with another hot girl from the escort agency. Men were drooling. Literally, I mean it!
I ramped up the erotic antics and then made my move, picking out a guy I had spotted earlier who was absolutely my type and dragging him to a corner booth for some chit chat and some up close action. He was a great kisser and my thoughts soon turned to bedroom action. What a night that was. I could tell he had enjoyed himself as the next morning he was following me around like a puppy dog and grinning from ear to ear. There was a real chemistry between us and so when he suggested that we get together again I was immediately up for it. A second date turned into a third and then a fourth, and that’s when it began to unravel.
I am a pretty honest person and if someone asks me what I do for a living and how do I afford such nice clothes and jewellery and stuff I always tell the truth and say that I am an escort. Some people can be shocked but most people are just fine. Some women ask me how they too can become an escort. Some guys jokingly suggest that I bring a couple of girls from the agency around to their place for a party. I might just do that one day.
Well, David was of the former persuasion. I could tell straight away that he was the jealous type. His face may as well have turned green the way that jealous thoughts were racing through his mind. He suggested that I give it up! I couldn’t believe his arrogance. I had only known him a short while. What did he know about my life, my ambitions, the pleasure and financial rewards I got from being an escort. I told him that I loved what I did and he would go before the job did.
The moral of the tale is a very simple one. You don’t try and change a person as soon as you meet them. After all, why would you want to change things which may have contributed to your attraction in the first place? I mean, he liked my confidence. He enjoyed my saucy smile. He revelled in the erotically charged chemistry I exude. You know what, he’s history!

Have a great time with a Ealing Escorts this evening.