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Is it only me or do a lot of guys find a woman in a man's shirt very sexy indeed?
Posted By Admin, January 26th, 2016

I have this thing for girls in a crisp white man’s shirt. Of course it has to be open just so, revealing the very beginning of a burgeoning bust line and I also like it if the girl is bare legged as well. An absence of underwear and well, you get the picture. I’m not sure what it is about this particular image that turns me on so much. Perhaps there is something in my subconscious, something I saw in a movie perhaps. Or maybe it is the fact that a woman in man’s clothing seems even more feminine and alluring?
The thing is I haven’t got the confidence to ask my girlfriend to dress like this. I worry that she will think there is something strange about me. The other thing is that every woman wants to feel like she is special and that there has never been another girl like her in your life. Once you ask a woman to dress up a certain way you are bound to get in bother. I once asked this sexy babe I was sleeping with to dress up like a visiting escort. It did not go down half as well as she usually did I can tell you that. She was absolutely mortified and started asking me how long I had been seeing escorts and how many had I been with. Of course I tried to reassure her that it was only a fantasy of mine and that I had never been with a blonde or brunette escort but she didn’t believe me. I wasn’t surprised that she didn’t believe me mind as I am not a good liar and given that I have had many an intimate moment with busty escorts I probably didn’t sound too convincing.
Then there was this other time with a different girl when I asked her to dress up like a saucy secretary. She immediately accused me of cheating on her behind her back and with a girl at work. And not just any girl, one of her pals who worked as a personal assistant at my firm, a really hot little minx called Jane. She even had it out with her friend. How my girl knew about the affair is anybody’s guess but all I can think of is me asking her to play dress up so that we could add some extra spice to our sex life seemed to be the trigger.
So, now you understand my conundrum. My current girlfriend is a real stunner. She is every bit as sexy and seductive as a visiting escort. She has model looks and wouldn’t be out of place on a catwalk or in an adult magazine. Men just love her and she is quite the flirtatious type, though it is just superficial stuff, she wouldn’t really cheat on me. There is no way that I want to lose this girl yet I can’t stop fantasising about her naked except for one of my shirts. In my imagination the shirt only just covers her modesty and I can see the curve of her breasts as she stands silhouetted against the window. There is almost an aura about her head and her hair floats on a fan induced breeze. She walks over to me unbuttoning the shirt as she does so and just as she is in front of me she pushes the shirt back off her shoulders and I enjoy a full view of her magnificent body. Heaven…
If only I had the nerve to ask but I have never been a gambler and as the saying goes twice between three times shy in my case! But if only…

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