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Ealing escorts - bedroom to improve
Posted By Admin, October 27th, 2016

Self-improvement is something that many of us aspire to, whether it be physical, intellectual or spiritual. It’s a massive industry with countless books and digital versatile discs published every year which claim to hold the secret to rapid and sustained personal improvement. Of course, we escorts are not averse to finding ways to improve our mental and physical well-being and I am particularly prone to each and every fad diet that comes along as well as the latest twist on yoga or pilates. I am also keen to expand my mind and I am open to the spiritual realm of existence, though I’m not religious in the organised sense. But in a conversation with a sexy brunette escort over a glass of chilled Chablis the other evening I found myself contemplating the intimate and sensual side of my nature and my friend’s probing questions about what it is that truly turns me on led me to think that perhaps there is a market for uncomplicated and comprehensive information about how to really find your inner sex pot.
I appreciate that some people are ‘naturally’ sexy though I am not sure how it can be quantified. There is that French phrase that translates as ‘I know not what’ but I think some kind of mathematical definitions would be helpful in understanding just what it is that makes girl A such hot stuff in the bedroom whereas girl B is a damp squib beneath the sheets. It can’t be just some kind of mechanical technique though I have had some lovers in the past who would have benefitted from reading a sex tips for dummies manual or attending some biology classes! LOL. But if I wanted to become ‘sexier’ then adding a compendium mere positions as portrayed in the Kama Sutra is not enough! What is the very essence of sex and sexuality? What is that certain something that je ne sais quoi that singles out one girl as sex on a stick, differentiating her from other women who may be equally pretty if not prettier? Now, that’s the kind of self-help or improvement advice that would be just great in my line of work.
But then, given that women come in all shapes and sizes and thankfully men like us that way perhaps this whole area is just a red herring. If I were to add a saucy soupçon of sexy sauciness to my already more than adequate blessings – a body to simply die for baby! - it wouldn’t mean one iota to the guy who prefers a redhead to a blonde or a large busted escort to a girl like me with pert breasts and a toned arse!
Still, I can’t help but think that given I revel in the fact that men are passionate about me, that they desire to have me physically and that they just love to caress my curves that it would be remiss of me not to become the very best that I can be in a sexual sense. Perhaps I am the one to research this field of study? I could write the latest self-improvement New York Times bestseller! I could become become sex guru to the stars. I could have my very own cable television show in which I expound nightly on how to make your man go wild with lustful desire! And I could put my learning to work in the bedroom as I give each and every one of my intimate companions the time of their lives. I’ll begin with chapter one tonight – and practise my ideas on a new client… Who is to be the lucky chap? Could it be you?