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Brexit or Brescort?
Posted By admin, June 6th, 2016

I haven’t been following the ‘in, out, shake it all about’ situation regarding whether Britain should remain part of the European Union or sail the seven seas alone once more, if nowadays minus an empire. I guess I should really take more of an interest given that the decision to stay or go now will undoubtedly affect each and every one of us in ways that we least expect, not to mention some of the ways we do such in trade, jobs and immigration.
Some of the escorts that I work with are from the European Union. They are hot, sexy young women who love a good time. There is always a demand for female companionship and I’m sure that will not change whatever the outcome of the vote in a few weeks’ time. But along with demand comes supply and there are many men – and women – out there who actually enjoy meeting girls from other cultures and nationalities.
The vote has featured heavily in all kinds of media including radio, television and print but I suppose I am of an age where my main source of ‘intel’ is online. Surprisingly there hasn’t been all that much about Brexit on social media at all, at least not in the circles I frequent.
‘Brexit’ – sounds like a breakfast cereal to me – is the idea that we leave the European Union I think. ‘Britain’ and ‘exit’ combined into one word – how clever! How about ‘br-escort’? Following Brexit we would have a British Escorts only situation, otherwise known as Brescorts! No, I don’t think that is going to catch on and actually I quite like the fact that there are some seriously super sexy escorts from Eastern Europe over here – I have grown, shall we say, rather ‘close’ to a number of them during the course of our active and fun ‘social lives’.
It’s not unusual for a guy to book a couple of escorts for an intimate girlfriend experience. But, not only that, a significant number of clients will specifically ask for an English girl and a Spanish, or Polish, or even a Russian girl. We live in a global age after all!
So, I’m not sure how I feel about this whole thing. From what little I have read it all comes down to age. Apparently the older someone is the more likely they are to vote leave. It is the under thirties who are most in favour of staying put. Should there be a weighting given to a person’s vote? I mean, if you are quite old then you may already have had a career and if you are retired and not looking for a job will you have a different agenda to a young person who will after all have to live much longer with the consequences of any decision?
I wonder what the percentages would be if you asked the guys who enjoy the companionship of an escort whether they want to remain or break free? I’m guessing it might be a close run thing. In the world of escorts I’m pretty sure that most girls would rather stay, I mean many of the stunning escorts here have enjoyed providing a quality escort service to our clients over many months and in some cases even years. I’m sure they would be sad to say goodbye.
It would be great to hear what you think? And what is your opinion about our escorts and the possible ramifications of an exit from the European Union? Drop us a line. In the meantime I suggest that you call and book your favourite European girl before it may be too late!